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Pon-Pt: 09:00 – 21:00
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CH Pasaż Łódzki

Al. Jana Pawła II 30,
93-570 Łódź
tel.: 42 638 01 10,
42 638 01 12,
42 638 01 21
fax.: 42 638 01 29


Hipermarket Auchan
tel: 42 638 86 00


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Mał­go­rza­ta Dych­to
tel.: 570 127 192
e-ma­il: m.dych­to­@cre­ali­

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Private car park dedicated exclusively for the customers of Pasaż Łódzki shopping centre


General rules

  1. The present rules and regulations of using a car park concern entrance and using of private parking located in Łódź on Jana Pawła II 30, owned by Pradera Central Łódź Gallery sp. z o.o. company (“Owner”), administered by Apsys Management sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Administrator”) – Pasaż Łódzki shopping (hereinafter referred to as “Centre”).
  2. Within the meaning of this Regulation:
    1. Parking user (hereinafter referred to as “Parking user”) is a natural person driving a vehicle, or – when determining the vehicle driver is impossible – the vehicle’s owner.
    2. Parking space is the area limited with white lines on the site of car park intended to park a vehicle.
  3. By entering the car park the Parking user concludes a contract with Administrator to use a parking space according to the rules described in this Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”). The contract shall expire when Parking user leaves the car park, and no later than closing the Centre in given day.
  4. By entering the car park Parking user agrees to the terms and condition of the Contract specified in this Regulation.
  5. Car park is FREE OF CHARGE, UNGUARDED and monitored, open during the opening hours of the Centre. The Parking user is entitled to use the car park and remain on the site only during the opening hours of the Centre, which are from Monday to Sunday, from 8.00 to 22.00, adding half an hour before opening and after closing (hereinafter referred to as “Opening Hours”). Remaining in the car park after Opening Hours is forbidden.
  6. The car park is dedicated to parking vehicle within specified parking space. It allows customers to do shopping in the Centre, suppliers to deliver good to shops and service points, tenants to park their cars – only during Opening Hours of the Centre.
  7. The Owner and the Administrator shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused as a result of theft or damage to a vehicle owned by the Parking user, which occurred on the car park premises for reasons beyond the control of the Owner or Administrator, particularly due to the Parking user fault or third parties.
  8. By leaving vehicle in the car park the Parking user does not conclude an agreement with the Owner or the Administrator concerning safekeeping the vehicle, nor any other agreement which obliges the Owner or the Administrator to take care of the vehicle belonging to the Parking user.


  1. Rules of using the car park
  2. On the whole car park ground there is a speed limit at 20 km/h and the usual traffic regulations apply, specified in the Act on Road Traffic of 20th June, 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1137 with later amendments).
  3. The Parking user must comply with vertical and horizontal markings of the car park and follow the instructions of the Owner or Administrator.
  4. It is forbidden to conduct any economic activity on the whole car park ground without prior consent of the Owner, including from or by car, especially sales of any goods or offering/conducting delivery, transport or advertising services.
  5. It is forbidden to entry the car park with a vehicle transporting combustible, corrosive, explosive or any other dangerous materials, if such material is not secured properly, in accordance with specific law regulations or norms.
  6. Parking on the spots dedicated to disabled persons is allowed only for Parking users who own parking card for disabled, each time placed in visible place behind the windscreen.
  7. Parking user is liable for all damages incurred towards third parties and Owner or Administrator on the car park ground. In case of damage occurrence, Parking user is obliged to inform the Administrator immediately about the damage, before leaving the parking ground. Administrator shall be entitled to pursue remedies, according to general rules defined in the Act of 23rd April, 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964 no. 16, item 93 with later amendments).
  8. On the whole car park ground it is forbidden to:
    1. smoke tobacco products and use open fire;
    2. consume alcohol and use other drugs;
    3. tank up vehicles;
    4. store fuels, combustive materials and empty fuel tanks;
    5. leave vehicles with engine running;
    6. park vehicles with leaking systems;
    7. wash and vacuum vehicles, exchange and fill up any liquids in vehicle systems;
    8. organize meetings and performances without a prior written consent of Centre’s Director.
  9. If the Parking user:
    1. blocks or hampers traffic on the car park ground by parking the vehicle improperly;
    2. leaves the vehicle in prohibited places, especially outside the designated parking spaces or on parking spots dedicated to disabled persons, without parking card for disabled placed in visible place behind the windscreen;
    3. leaves the vehicle on the parking ground after or before Opening Hours without prior consent of the Owner or Administrator;

the Administrator is empowered to act on its own, in order to remove the infringement conditions, which means calling emergency service to prompt an intervention in accordance with applicable laws.


Complete rules and regulations in pdf format can be found here.

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The ad­­mi­­ni­­stra­­tor of per­­so­­nal da­­ta is Pradera Central Łódź Gallery sp. z o.o. with its re­­gi­­ste­­red of­fi­­ce in Wa­r­saw (po­­st­co­­de 00-803), Ale­­je Je­­ro­­zo­­li­m­skie 56c, (he­­re­­i­na­­fter re­­fe­r­red to as the Co­m­pa­­ny). Pe­r­so­­nal da­­ta in the sco­­pe gi­­ven in the form will be pro­­ce­s­sed by the Co­m­pa­­ny for ma­r­ke­­ting pu­r­po­­ses, in ac­co­r­da­n­ce with the expre­s­sed co­n­sent pu­r­su­­ant to art. 6 par. 1 po­­int a of the Re­­gu­­la­­tion of the Eu­­ro­­pe­­an Pa­r­lia­­ment and of the Co­­u­n­cil (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the pro­­te­c­tion of in­­di­­vi­­du­­als with re­­gard to the pro­­ce­s­sing of per­­so­­nal da­­ta and on the free mo­­ve­­ment of such da­­ta and re­­pe­­a­ling Di­­re­c­ti­­ve 95/46 / EC (RODO). Pe­r­so­­nal da­­ta may be di­­sc­lo­­sed to em­ploy­­e­es or as­so­­cia­­tes of the Co­m­pa­­ny, as well as en­ti­­ties pro­­vi­­ding su­p­port to the Co­m­pa­­ny on the ba­­sis of out­so­­u­r­ced se­­rvi­­ces and in ac­co­r­da­n­ce with the en­tru­­sted co­n­tracts, as well as di­­sc­lo­­sed to the en­ti­­ties re­­fe­r­red to in the co­n­sent clau­­se. Pe­r­so­­nal da­­ta pro­­ce­s­sed in the abo­­ve the pu­r­po­­se will be pro­­ce­s­sed until the co­n­sent for a pa­r­ti­­cu­­lar pu­r­po­­se is re­­vo­­ked, if it is expre­s­sed. Each per­­son has the ri­­ght to ac­cess the­­ir da­­ta and re­c­ti­­fi­­ca­­tion, de­­le­­tion, pro­­ce­s­sing re­­stri­c­tions, the ri­­ght to trans­­fer da­­ta or ob­ject to the­­ir pro­­ce­s­sing, the ri­­ght to wi­­th­draw co­n­sent at any ti­­me wi­­tho­­ut af­fe­c­ting the la­w­fu­l­ness of da­­ta pro­­ce­s­sing prior to its re­­vo­­ca­­tion. The da­­ta sub­­ject has the ri­­ght to lo­d­ge a co­m­pla­­int with the Pre­­si­­dent of the Of­fi­­ce for Pe­r­so­­nal Da­­ta Pro­­te­c­tion when he / she co­n­si­­ders that the pro­­ce­s­sing of his / her per­­so­­nal da­­ta vio­­la­­tes the pro­­vi­­sions of the GDPR. Pro­­vi­­ding per­­so­­nal in­­fo­r­ma­­tion is vo­­lu­n­ta­­ry.

By pro­­vi­­ding my e-ma­­il ad­­dress, I agree to the pro­­ce­s­sing of per­­so­­nal da­­ta pro­­vi­­ded by Pra­­de­­ra Ga­­le­­ria Ko­­nin sp. z o.o. for ma­r­ke­­ting pu­r­po­­ses, ca­r­ried out by se­n­ding co­m­me­r­cial in­­fo­r­ma­­tion re­­ga­r­ding the ope­­ra­­tion of the Ga­­le­­ria nad Je­­zio­­rem sho­p­ping ce­n­ter via ema­­il to the e-ma­­il ad­­dress pro­­vi­­ded.
By pro­­vi­­ding a pho­­ne nu­m­ber I agree to the pro­­ce­s­sing of per­­so­­nal da­­ta pro­­vi­­ded by me by Pra­­de­­ra Ga­­le­­ria Ko­­nin sp. z o.o. for ma­r­ke­­ting pu­r­po­­ses, ca­r­ried out by se­n­ding co­m­me­r­cial in­­fo­r­ma­­tion re­­ga­r­ding the ope­­ra­­tion of the Ga­­le­­ria nad Je­­zio­­rem sho­p­ping ce­n­ter in the form of an SMS to the fi­­nal te­­le­­co­m­mu­­ni­­ca­­tions de­­vi­­ce - a mo­­bi­­le pho­­ne, the nu­m­ber of which is gi­­ven abo­­ve..

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